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Fluoridating the water has made these companies which are all intertwined trillions of dollars.

FLUORIDATION- FOLLOW THE MONEY By Carol Kopf, Media Director, Fluoride Action Network – 24 Dec. 2013

The Government’s Slick PR Propaganda Fluoride Man – Slick Mick Teflon Foley

Time for a reality check on water fluoridation. Douglas Cross BSc. CBiol. FSB 24th August 2012

Why Dentists Are Big Political Players

email 17 June, 2013 – Mt Isa Council, Mt. Isa Mines, Phosphate Mining, Multi-Million Dollar New Oral Health Building & water fluoridation_pollution.

4 thoughts on “Follow the $$ Money

  1. Excellent sources of information! Money can also buy fraudulent studies, buy lawyers to protect interest, fund double standards, lobby elements of government with money through blackmail but mostly under the table deals. It’s a for-profit deceitful monopoly aiming at capitalizing on a not safe, not effective practise filled with lies and stories. They are lying to themselves or they know, or don’t know that F is bad, and the whole ppm thing is ridiculous. Quality and pure studies over quantity.

    And I knew Fluoride is the main cause of Global Warming including round up, pesticides made by Monsanto for their legal gmo frankenseeds, and that farmers can’t plant without permission otherwise they get sued, nucleur which is highly reactive and unsafe just look at Japan, and petroleum lastly.

    Ridiculous that we trust science too much and not common sense and our deep concerns. Entertainment and living on lies takes over because we are so insecure about hearing about what makes sense, and we hide in our shell. And saying carbon dioxide and cows are the issue here, it isn’t. It’s also unsustainable practices in the farming industry and the lack of support for them to encourage them not to use factory farming.

    Now removing Fluoride and GMO foods will save billions each year. Also it would save on water since Organic foods use less water to clean, saving millions of litres per year.

    If the government doesn’t move out of negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement that is talked secretly and exposed by wikileaks with the early document then the public, if they are awaken by not ignoring and listening to the truth, should get the government traitors out of power. What is TPP? It’s NAFTA and SOPA on steroids. Its corporate special interests having overseas powers and they can sue governments for passing bills that affect their profit and influence. It’s internet restriction, unlimited fracking, pharmaceutical prices going up and generics being expensive, its so many bad things talked and discussed by USA the country that started it, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, etc al. Youtubing it will educate yourself about it.

    And NZ is planning on putting something in the water. Not sure about the news on it, but considering the ‘lovely, beautiful angels of beaurocrats’ in USA wanted statins in water on top of them having very low antidepressants and antipsychotics on top of Sodium Fluoride etc and like England, they only listen to $$$. Follow the money trail.

    Beaurocrats world wide need to be tried and jailed in a court that is owned by the public so there’s no letting them get off the hook. The ADA is merely a front. Capitalism is out of control and this is why we need new ideas to prevent these extremists from corrupting democracy that we all cherish.

    Here’s hoping you all wake up readers and take action by emailing councils who are being pushed to add fluoride and educate them and unbrainwash them from the PR and media spin.

    Yours truly,
    Will from Victoria, Australia.

  2. All they have is convincing skills, bully tactics using the naive journalists from murdocks media empire that influences the public’s mind due to their role in exposing corruption, entertainment and the quality of journalism and manipulate its good image to serve a rotten interest and a very large paycheck. Our role is to fight for our rights and educate the governments on true science that’s valid. You don’t have to have a PhD or any qualifications you just need to do reading.

    Fluoride and all poisons shall be banned from food, water air for all time. Enough is enough.

    And yeah I’m not a believer in a NWO because most theories are too outlandish and crazy and fear is not good.

  3. Corrupt to the Filthy Pro-fluoridation Cartel core:-

    NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Struggling to balance the budget, 2 years ago, the Brooksville, Florida, City Council voted unanimously to stop fluoridation to ease the tax burden on their 8,000 residents. Under siege from misguided and misinformed activists headed by dentist Johnny Johnson and the Tampa Bay Times, the council reversed its decision, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN)……………………..

    Did One Powerful Media Man with a Mission cause the Florida Fluoridation Reversals?

    Paul Tash, Chairman and CEO of the Tampa Bay Times and member of the Florida Council of 100, a group of business leaders,** pounded his editorial writers to produce pro-fluoridation articles concerning the Pinellas fluoridation battle which garnered them a Pulitzer Prize. It probably didn’t hurt that Tash is also Chairman of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

    The Times reported that Tim Nickens, one of the editorial writers, “credited Tash with pushing the board to keep pressing the fluoride issue. ‘It was Paul’s initial outrage that said we had to get on this fluoride and get this back in the water for the people of Pinellas County,’ Nickens added. ‘When we would finally write something about it last year…he would say ‘That’s great. Now what’s next?’…It’s old style motivation.'”

    Objective journalism wasn’t their goal.  “The Tampa Bay Times editorial board went on mission to correct this travesty” [of stopping fluoridation in Pinellas County, Florida].

    Only Mayor Bradburn stuck to her convictions to reject fluoridation in Brooksville. Few, if any, local residents engaged in the discussion and 3 local dentists who opposed fluoridation feared publicly stating their position would hurt them.

    “We suspect fear of political retribution or personal character assassination forced the reversal vote,” says Connett. “We need more brave legislators like Mayor Bradburn. But, instead of praising her for a good fiscal decision to cut an unnecessary program to save money for her aging constituents, the Tampa Bay Times vilified her.”

    **** The Florida Council of 100 includes a representative from Mosaic, a company that supplies all of Florida’s and much of the country’s fluoridation chemicals e.g. hydrofluosilicic acid.


    SOURCE Fluoride Action Network



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